Our Customers

    Relevant provides Private Equity software solutions for a variety of sectors including Venture Capital, Growth Equity, Corporate Venturing/CVC Teams, Private Equity, and Distressed/Workout.  Our Real Estate software solutions support firms that invest in Whole Assets, Joint Ventures and Fractional Interests.  Relevant has a number of specialized software solutions for Agriculture/Timber, BioTech/Life Science, Cleantech/Energy, Emerging Markets, Infrastructure and University Venturing.  Finally, our Alternative Investment software solutions include support for Single Family Office/SFO, Multi Family Office/MFO, Fund of Funds, and Fund Administrator firms.

    Relevant is widely regarded as the industry's "thought leader in Private Equity software". For 3 decades now, our solutions have been light years ahead of the competition. With Relevant EquityWorks you gain insight into the art and science of private equity like never before.

    Relevant EquityWorks

    Our flagship product, Relevant EquityWorks (or EW), is the industry’s premier platform of apps for Private Equity, Real Estate, Specialized Investment and Alternative Investment professionals. Using Relevant EquityWorks you can automate your back-office operations to administer your funds, manage your portfolio and issue quarterly reports, while also streamlining your front-office operations like fund raising & investor relations, deal management and contact management/CRM.

    Numerous Add-in Components extend the functionality of the core EW apps, including: Compliance, Loan Management, Partner Attribution, and Waterfall Obligations. In addition, Optional Products like the Accounting System Interface (which integrates EW with your commercial-grade general ledger), Data Warehouse (which integrates EW with corporate data architectures) and the LP Portal (which hosts a "data room" for your published fund correspondence like capital call and distribution letters, K-1s, and quarterly reports for your LPs), allow you to integrate with other third party products.